To  better serve our clients cybersecurity needs Haystack is proud to be affiliated with Security Colony and Newsky Security.  For more information about their services and products contact Denise Simons by email at


Security Colony


Security Resource Library

Security Colony provides access to expert advice and resources to reduce the time and cost of solving cybersecurity problems through a collaborative and community centric platform. Fundamental to this is the Resource Library, containing the de-identified/anonymized core output from almost every project Hivint delivers across the world. That is over $5-7 million of content each  year, available for a nominal annual subscription fee.  But you can try it out now for free by signing up at

You can explore some very valuable features like the Vendor Risk Management Module,  ongoing Breach Intelligence Service (Open Source Intelligence & Dark Web Searches conducted on your own personal selected keywords and criteria), and public and private discussion forums. Come see why companies like Atlassian,  Ashurst, AMP and ME Bank have jumped on board, along with hundreds of others.

Newsky Security


IoT Security

IoT Halo provides enterprise-level security across verticals such as medical, connected transit, and service providers. Protected devices stand secure against vulnerabilities and threats, both known and unknown.

Threat Visibility & Data Breach Prevention:  Detect anomalies to provide visibility of suspicious network activities and the potential exploitation of  IoT systems.  Alert system admin any potential data loss threats. Secure  valuable data and prevent data lose or exposure.

Always-on Monitor & Easy Deployment:  Real-time monitor and auto threat prevention enable your business continuity. Instant alerts to system admin before threats grow. 

Cloud Development: Get your IoT Halo up and running without additional  development or management overhead.

Trusted Associates


Haystack maintains close relationships with the cybersecurity community and vendors.  We are happy to recommend trusted resources to assist clients in the following areas:

  • Cloud migration and deployment in Azure.
  • Cloud security assessments and monitoring.
  • InfoSec contingent staffing.
  • Security program assessments and development.
  • PEN testing.

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