RIM Programs / Retention Schedules



A corporate retention program ensures information required by regulatory agencies, auditors, and to support business decisions is retained and obsolete information is pulled from record keeping systems and destroyed when no longer needed or required.

Recent and emerging privacy regulations are requiring organizations to justify the business purpose for retaining certain types of data and requiring that retentions be established and documented for information and data purged from systems after the retention has been met or a verified request has been made by a consumer. A formal retention program or review of existing schedules ensures business purposes are documented and corporate usage and retention is defensible.

Our retention programs include:

  • ·Retention schedules that identify information and the retention for all types of records and information created and used by the organization including structured and unstructured data, email, and information maintained in the Cloud or with 3rd party service providers.

  • US and international security, privacy, and retention requirements for each country and location where business is done.
  • Responsibilities, procedures, and policies for the storage, retention, and destruction of records that meet US federal, state, and international compliance requirements for the security, maintenance, retention, and destruction of information.


  • Legal hold policy and procedures.
  • Privacy and security program policies and procedures.
  • Training.
  • Project management and guidance during program implementation.

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