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Our business continuity/vital records protection services include:

  • Identification of vital records and record keeping systems needed to continue business.

  • Business continuity plans, policies, and procedures.

Business Continuity Plans
nsuring access to vital corporate information requires more than a good operational backup for network servers.  Much of the information that documents a companies key responsibilities, contractual agreements, services, or products is still maintained in paper format.  If vital corporate information is lost during a fire or natural disaster it can mean serious delays in restarting the business or closure.  Our vital records protection programs identify the records that would be needed to resume business and through a combination of duplication, automation, off-site storage, and reciprocal operating agreements ensure that information is protected.  Programs include:

  • A plan of action for staff.

  • Staff responsibilities during a recovery operation.

  • Identification of companies that offer recovery of information.

  • Identification of backup, off-site, and system duplication to ensure access to vital information is not lost.

  • Identification of alternate network resources that can be used to meet vital network functions in the event of an emergency or disaster.

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