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Our Cloud assessment / deployment services include:

  • Guidance on Cloud solutions, technologies, and Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

  • Guidance on CSP selection and SLA requirements.

  • CSP and internal IT risk and security assessments.

  • Evaluation and recommendations of IT assets for Cloud deployment including data mapping, and assessment and identification of compliance, security and governance systems needed for Cloud storage of data and systems.  Migration work plans for structured and unstructured data including migration to Office 365.

  • Deployment preparation including identification of controls, compliance requirements / measures, and systems needed by CSP's and internal IT departments for information governance / security, ediscovery, as well as on-going controls and monitoring to ensure compliance requirements are met for information storage, security, and the protection of enterprise IP.

Moving data assets or systems to the Cloud can reduce IT costs and for small to medium sized enterprises actually improve IT functionality and security programs.  However, the success of deployment to the Cloud depends on selecting an appropriate Cloud service provider (model and type) and ensuring you can meet your business, legal, compliance obligations and that your information will remain secure.  Because deployment in the Cloud is a form of outsourcing and represents a shared responsibility with internal IT operations it is important to know and clearly identify internal IT and CSP responsibilities.  These can include operational systems to demonstrate compliance with PCI, HIPAA, HiTech as well as other regulatory requirements; security standard attestations and verifications; ongoing audit and assessment standards and monitoring; access management; ediscovery systems; and requirements within the SLA to ensure that your legal rights are protected.  We work with the client to assess systems and data for deployment to the Cloud, identify information compliance and security requirements, assess risk, and identify responsibilities and monitoring measures needed for the storage and security of information in the Cloud.

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