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Our information management services include:

  • Guidance and recommendations for ECM, GRC, and Cloud solutions.

  • Compliance guidance and SLA requirements needed for Cloud based solutions.

  • Identification of compliance control measures and reporting needed within systems.

  • Indexing, classification, and taxonomy development.

  • Project management and training during implementation of new document and retention management programs.

Information Management / Compliance
Enterprise content management systems:

  • Improve productivity and reduce turn-around time.

  • Reduce errors.

  • Provide employees and clients with more accurate information in less time.

  • Allow companies to respond to changing business situations and climates faster.

  • Ensure compliance requirements are met and documented.

  • Allow companies to more easily and accurately respond to discovery requests with less cost.

We work with you throughout the process from identifying appropriate solutions for your information, specification development, RFP and SLA requirements, vendor selection, conversion, taxonomy development, control matrix and compliance reporting, implementation, and training.

The Cloud
Many organizations are moving IT operations or data to the Cloud to reduce operating costs. The success of a cloud computing arrangement depends on the extent to which the customer understands the risks, responsibilities of the Cloud provider and customer; selects appropriate IT operations and data for Cloud deployment; and ensures during the Service Level Agreement (SLA) negotiation that compliance requirements for the management, retention, and security of information are identified and can be verified with the provider.  Our services include:

  • Guidance and education on Cloud computing solutions and options.

  • Identification of appropriate systems and data for Cloud deployment.

  • SLA guidance to ensure responsibilities of the provider and customer are identified and compliance requirements can be verified and documented.

Project Management and Training
Project management is provided during the specification, RFP and SLA definition, testing, and rollout phases to ensure information management and compliance requirements are met. New policies and procedures are documented, training materials developed, and end user training provided for new processes, procedures, and information management systems.

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