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Our policy/procedure and training services include:

  • Development or guidance in developing policies and procedures for managing information.

  • Review of existing policies and procedures and gap analysis.

  • Course materials and instructor led training.

  • Electronic training materials for web based courses and distribution of policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures
lear and concise documentation to support privacy/security and retention programs is required to validate programs, defend the company during litigation, and in some cases meet Federal, State, and international compliance requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH Act, Red Flag Rules, and industry requirements such as PCI.

ormal training programs on security, privacy, and retention programs are required by Federal and many State regulations.  Additionally training helps to ensure staff follow policies and procedures and can protect a company during an investigation or litigation by showing a commitment to understanding and following retention and destruction regulations.

ocumentation and training materials that are clearly organized allow staff to easily use and convert to a new system.  Manuals and training materials can be designed for distribution in paper format, presented in an instructor led course, or developed for Web based learning incorporating search screens and on-line help features.

E-Learning and Distance Learning Programs
eb-based training and certification programs provide a vehicle to transfer corporate or product knowledge to staff or clients without the expense and hassle of traveling to branch offices or reserving and scheduling classrooms.  Solid instructional design methodologies that incorporate adult learning theories are used to create learning centers that meet the business objectives and can include:

  • Interactive media to present information or collect and score answers to test questions.

  • Automated tracking of training provided and attended by staff.

  • PowerPoint presentations, Adobe documents, or Flash movies for on-line or off-line viewing.

  • Searchable resource libraries.

n-house training for new policies, procedures, and business systems are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

For information about training and documentation
services please contact  Denise Simons by:
E-mail: dsimons@haystackassociates.com
Phone:  (253) 631-1509 

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